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Date: June 18, 2018

Scarlett Sage is stripped while Zoey Monroe lies naked on her table. As Zoey watches, she slowly takes her robe off. She turns her head and asks Zoey whether she would like the Labia Touch Special. Zoey smiles anticipatively when she affirms. Scarlett is a princess in a pink bra with panties and a pink bra. Zoey is excited to get her massage, even though she doesn't know what her afternoon holds. You can feel the relief on ZoeyA’s face when Scarlett touches her warm, soft skin. This is amazing! Zoey closes her eyes and she works on her shoulders. She massages her lower back to loosen the knots. Zoey can't believe the relief she feels when Zoey moves to her bottom. Scarlett sighs and climbs onto Scarlett's lap. She begins massaging her legs, getting into the skin. She gets closer and closer towards her pussy as she moves her hands between her legs. Zoey becomes ecstatic when she runs her hands across her clit. Scarlett oiling her pussy and tummy makes Zoey moan louder. As she spits, she plays with her pussy. ZoeyA starts to gyrate and she soon starts feeling the heat. SheA is eager to repay the favor, and Scarlett on means that ZoeyA will get ScarlettAs warm labia!

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