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Category: Penetration

From: Hardtied.com

Date: November 20, 2013

Lashed to a chair, stripped and spread wide, she squirms and breeds against her bonds. Her pussy teased was worked well, refused and edged. A fabric and tape gag protects her mouth closed and metal nose hooks distort her face and yank on it taught.Horny and distressed to cum, so she's eager to test anything for relief. She arches her back, straining her throat and thighs from her ropes.In utter frustration, she humps the dildo placed between her thighs, attempting in vain to spoil it deeper into her tight cunt, in hopes it's going to be enough to flip her switch.Hours later, hogtied and ball gagged on the floor, she spares no greater. Ankles and wrists secured behind her with thumbs bound together, she fights temporarily but only manages to twist the rope round her neck.The awareness of helplessness and complete loss of control pushes Mia crazy. An inspection of her cunt reveals it's creamy, bloated and soaking wet.

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