Wolf Hudson in domination Hot Pursuit: Special Agent Chris Harder takes on Wolf Hudson Boundgods.com

Tags: Domination   Blowjob   Anal   Rough Sex   Rimming   Corporal Punishment   Humiliation   Bdsm

Category: Gay

From: boundgods

Date: December 2, 2015

Chris Harder, Special Agent Chris Harder, was the one who took Wolf Hudson into custody. HeA is determined to be the last. Agent Harder believes the worst is over now that Wolf has been taken into custody. Agent Harder ought to know better. Wolf Hudson isnA't going down easily. The sexual delinquent makes an attempt to escape from the clutches of Agent Harder, jumping rooftop after rooftop. The two of them wrestle until Harder is caught up. Wolf puts duct tape around his mouth and taunts him. HarderA's screaming echos above the rooftops as Wolf tears out his shorts and plunges into HarderA. Wolf puts HarderA to the chimney and then lets his flogger loose on HarderA. Wolf takes HarderA's tenderized sex and then floggings him once again. As Wolf gives Agent HarderA a third dicking in a rope sling, his will to survive is completely destroyed. As his captor punches, slaps, and beats the agent in excruciating pain, the agent moans and then reams. Wolf covers HarderAs stomach in hot jizz, and then he smears it into HarderAs mouth. Harder is pulled back up to the top of the roof, where he takes WolfA’s order to cum on his boot. Wolf is satisfied to break another cop and makes Agent Harder clean his boot while he gives more electric shocks.

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