Vinnie Stefano in tickling Alpha Stud Gives in to a Prolonged Edging

Tags: Tickling   Edging   Pain   Blowjob   Bdsm   Male Sub   Male Handler   Wax   Stud

Category: Kinky Fetish

From: menonedge

Date: January 11, 2016

Vinnie Stefano, a muscular man of strength is eager to be bound while Sebastian and Branden control his dog. Vinnie pops from his harness, as Sebastian holds him on a pillar while Branden is teasing his box. Vinnie is securely in his place. They then take out the hitachis, and rub them on Vinnie's nipples. Vinnie asks Sebastian to cum while he presses his hitachis against his cock. But Sebastian isn't going to let Vinnie go. Vinnie's neck is clenched and Sebastian makes Vinnie's body a fleshjack. Branden is a sexy beast, while Vinnie exudes confidence. Vinnie is taken by Branden to St. Andrew's Cross for a closer look at Vinnie's meaty sex. Branden does Vinnie a wet, messy rimjob. Sebastian swaps pleasure for pain and drips hot wax on Vinnie's face. The pair flip Vinnie over and make him worship his feet before letting him have a bite of their manly pits. Vinnie is captivated by Branden's arousal and he almost makes Vinnie orgasm. Branden gives the stud some relief and he pours a heavy dose of cum onto Vinnie's tongue. Before he leaves Sebastian and Vinnie, he gives Vinnie some of his cum.

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