Trial by Fire

Tags: Electrical Tape Blindfold   Bbq Skewer   Posture Collar   Suspension   Nose Play   Foot Torture   Ankle Tie   Lesbian   Caning   Cut Clothing   Hogtie   Extreme Posture Collar   Spike Board   Cici Rhodes   2013

Category: BDSM porn


Date: July 27, 2013

Cici Rhodes is about to experience the BDSM of her life. Tied down, the very first thing we do is take her some BBQ skewers. They make powerful little canes in addition to being sharp, little pokers.It takes a particular kind of girl to defy Icy-Hot on her most sensitive places. Besides this sensation that is incredibly intense there is a psychological element to it. When it's been slathered on the ramifications will run their course, one way or another. An air hose gets the reaction kick into high gear.A spike board isn't better, in regards to suffering and pain. Actually, it's 's likely worse. Cici isn't hefty but together with her weight focused on a couple of pin points she is attracted into tears.

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