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Date: July 12, 2006

Hi Guys, I am Carol and lately I have been feeling a little down, You see feel it or not as Sexy as Sexual as I am I have been having the worst luck with men and all my girl friends are out of the country or seeing someone else. I have not been single forever and I don't understand how to behave. I am a horny girl anyway and I don't know if there is a term for what I'm. I have been masturbating like crazy sometimes, I fucked myself five days my pussy and one evening is wet almost every morning to be sure I don't forget. I stood in the shower along with my sexy body wrapped in a pink towel and began caressing my body, massaging my neck and then my tits before teasingly sucking on my finger. I slowly rubbed down my body and then turn and began raising my towel caressing my buttocks and rubbing my butt as I bent over and stuck out it. I began squeezing and rubbing my tits then I pulled my towel down and played with my nipples, teasing them and watching them grow before pulling my towel and letting it rest around my hips. I licked my one and then the other and kept my tits and then I pinched both my nipples and pulled them making sure they stayed erect. I let my towel drop to my knees and turned my body to the side and I then stuck my ass out as far as I could and began rubbing it all over. I spread my ass wide open and then reached back with my hands and then I let my hands run wild touching and touching myself around because my butt teasingly moved from side to side. I started spraying on my body down from my legs to my tits, playing with my nipples back and catching my soap and grabbed my nozzle. I held the soap up high over my head and pour soap over my tits, I could feel myself becoming excited because I squeezed the soap directly down to my pussy. I split my lips and rubbed against my pussy up and down, I could feel the heat and my clit was swelling. I turned and put my feet on the face of the bathtub and poured soap all over my ass and I cut the soap over my body from my tit down for my pussy and clit and then I leaned forward and allowing my tits hang and then began rubbing and squeezing them tight. I stood upright and played with my tits and nipples then I sprayed down my body, placing my leg back up and grabbed my nozzle and spread my pussy open wide. I might feel the power of the water hitting against my clit and it was starting to get me off but I still had other things in store so I could not allow myself go just yet. I put it down at the corner of the tub and then grabbed my towel and then I caught my Vibrator and began sucking it, pretending it was the true thing. I sat back and opened my mouth wide and started slipping my Vibrator in and out, fucking my mouth and licking it from top to bottom getting it all nasty and slicked up. I started bouncing them and placed the Vibrator between my tits and then I raised my leg and then slid my Vibrator deep. I fucked my pussy and lifted my second leg up high. I kept sliding Vibrator in and out and spread my pussy wide open and reached down. I started breathing heavy and my pussy got wetter by the stroke, all the sudden I felt my body get hot around and I knew that I would not be long. I only kept fucking myself fast and as hard as I could before I felt my pussy burst sending chills throughout my whole body. I put it between my tits before sucking the juices out of my sweet pussy and sticking it in my mouth and then rubbed my Vibrator up and down. Read more

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