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Date: February 01, 2017

Bobbi Dylan takes some time gleefully contemplating while Damon Dice watches what to use for seduction. Though, hes rock hard since he knows hes going to get some If Bobbi beckons him close. She delivers on her promise instantly, whipping out his cock so that she can suck him off along with her lips and sot hot mouth.Once her hot throat BJ winds downshe turns round to ensure her tush is in the air. A shake of her booty is all of the invitation Damon needs to slam into her from behind. His doggy style fuck is just what Bobbis bare twat wants. When he flips her onto her back and takes a moment to feast on her greedy snatch before slipping back indoors, Bobbi cant conceal her smile of utter sensual bliss.Damons long sure strokes are exactly what Bobbi should get close to cumming, but its not till she has Damon sit on the side of the mattress so she is able to impale herself on his stiffie into a seated coupling that she actually gets off. She makes sure Damon receives his, also, as she sets her mouth back to work until he leans back to give her a face filled with jizz that is yummy.

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