Stilettos Open Wide Toilet

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Category: BBW


Date: January 1, 2013

You are right there, exactly where you belong. You are bound and locked in one place. You are ready to be a complete toilet to Mistress T. She is only inches away from your face. You will be hard as a rock because of the shine in her sweat and subtle smell from her skin. You can use your other hand to stroke her cock as you eat her caviar. You should stroke her genitals while she is smelling your feces. Her entire body should be licked, with special care given to her tiny anus which puckers as you touch it. You will be addicted to her anus and want all the sex she has. There is no other choice. Toilet slavery, complete and without limit is your new life. With your goddess above you and cock in hand, she allows you to cum during feasting. You have nothing else to do, but OPEN YOUR WIDE TOILET.

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