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Date: January 27, 2010

ExtraBigDicks members can't seem to get enough Scott Alexander. Scott Alexander helped us, and one very happy KristCummings to celebrate Christmas. But you continue to beg for more. We can't say no to Scott. Scott is as charming on camera and off, but he has a new friend today. ScottAs friend is new, but it's not a stranger for ScottA. Rusty Stevens makes his second appearance in a row after more than one year of hiatus. He looks great! WeAre confident that ScottA will be able to manage Chasen Hart as he did a few weeks ago. These two studs were asked what their vices or downfalls would be. Scott smiles, admitting that Oreos has been his downfall. CanA blame him. Rusty, on the other side of the coin is the opposite. Scott is happy to have enough meat for the week, as heAA's had his whole grain, vegetables, and meat. Scott is determined to make this year better than last. Rusty, on the other hand, wants to stop having sexual encounters with strangers in public toilets. TheyAre not touchinA’ that one...They start to have sex before ScottAs tongue starts to explore its own. Scott takes off his shirt and licks RustyA’s well-defined abs. RustyA quickly discovers that ScottA is exploring the machinery as his tongue slides between ScottA and ScottA. He licks ScottAA's thick, cocky shaft. Rusty announces "IA've seen you equipment, now I'll see yours," as he slowly takes his pants down, showing his gorgeous sex. ScottA's addicted and cannot stop staring as Rusty kneels down on the chair to show Scott his smooth fuckhole. Scott reaches for his tongue and Rusty groans, urging Scott to dig in even more. ScottA has had enough of the sweet antics (for now), so he stands up and allows Rusty to have his go at his throbbing heart. Rusty kneels down before ScottA and eats the huge meat. Rusty licks the meat with his pointed tongue, and it gets hotter when Scott touches his tongue and face with his 8A' cock. Rusty loves cock and cannot get enough. The two of them then have a good 69 and Scott gets to return the favor. It's just a matter time... Rusty winces as Scott begins to slip his thick meat in. RustyA isnAt the first rodeo participant, but heAs soon being ridden hard. ScottA's balls are getting in his face as he fists deep and fast. Rusty grunts while Scott gets his ass open. Below is a shot that shows RustyAs hunger for every inch of what heAs been given. Scott changes the scene by having Rusty ride a bit of his own. Rusty then sits back and bounces up and down in an inverse cowgirl position on the cock. Rusty can't stop grinding his hot ass until he can. Scott has Rusty then twirl his cock to face him as he fucks. The two of them continue to have a sexy time while having fun, and the heat is only increasing. Scott bounces Rusty again on the meat and then he places our thick receiver on his back. He shoves that thick dick inside of him missionary. Rusty cannot help but moan when ScottA's thick, cocky reaches all the right places as he buries him in his hot ans. Scott takes out his bulky batch and sprays it all over RustyAs chest and abdomen. Rusty follows suit and gives up his healthy loads.

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