Sapphire in Trampling Sapphire Loves having Her Ass Licked Clubstiletto.com

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Category: Feet

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: October 27, 2020

It opens with Sapphire, Sexy Mistress of Sapphire standing before her slave lying on the couch. Camera follows her from her heels up to her plump legs and up all the way around her body. You look at her and she says that it's a lazy afternoon and how better to enjoy it than by relaxing on the face of her slave. AEURoeWhile you relax, IaEUR(tm), I'm going to rearrange my slave's face with mine. Her seamed denim shorts will not be too comfortable for her scrawny servant. While she was going to hit her slave's face, she quickly moves forward and shows her pussy. She tells her slave to raise his tongue and show her bum. He still has his nose and mouth blocked by her pussy, so she grinds her pussy on his nose. She says, "AEURoeA dirty slave for a dirty ass" and explains that she didn't clean her hands well. Sapphire raises her hand and teases you about her full but sweet ass and sexhole. She tells us that maybe next time, you will be able to lick it. She now gets onto the slave and puts her hands on his back. To make sure the slave doesn't get air, she now stands straight up with her shoulders raised. She also loves watching him kick. Then she spreads her legs over the slave, and then lies back. While playing with her titus, she gives you an excellent view of her slit. After reminding the slave that he is easily replaceable, she looks back at you and suggests you might be her next. As she is able to relax, her ass looks amazing on the slave's face. But soon she is back up and bouncing his face. After a few days, she says that she won't be taking a shower and will then get a full tongue wash including her armpits. Then, she raises her arm and reveals her pit. She says, "AEURoeSuch difficult decision." She is now so enthralled, she begins to play with her pussy. Her neck is not supported so she leans forward and calls in a second slave to help her. He lays his head back on hers and she rubs her face. The other slave is rubbing her thighs. You'll be captivated by this scene.

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