Sandra Hill FULLHD Pee Like a Puppy!

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Date: June 26, 2012

As she bakes in bondage at sunlight I'm sorry, master, Sandra Hill thinks. . .ohmigosh I Her master has put her here, on this fountain, her ass sizzling's stone, as he had needed over the weekend because she didn't obey --and disobedience must be punished. Now he's left her nude and bound and exposed to the elements, and then gone off to do his daily business. . .time passes slowly for Sandra, and each of the liquid she ate at the party is catching up . This celebration. . .where she humiliated her master made a fool of herself. . .antics today, for which she's paying! It is useless, although she breeds her bonds. He tied her. And today. . .now she has to let out drank while she danced naked at the party in defiance of her master's dictates. . .now she has to pee! Pee in the outdoors like an animal! Oh, she thought this master-slave thing was just going to be an enjoyable roleplay affair, but she has heard it is much more. . .if she wishes to reside at the big mansion along with her master, then she has to obey his rules! When she doesn't. . .things similar to this happen for her. . .sitting in the hot sun. . .tugging in her bonds. . .and peeing, peeing, peeing around the stone like a dirty puppy!! Oh gosh she has never felt such pity...

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