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Date: December 02, 2005

I'm Nataly.

There's this one guy it is simply about sex and I visit, although I'm not a slut typically. He directs me train tickets and hotel reservations and things. I simply turn up and have a fantastic time. It has been happening for many years when I am not in a relationship, such as now. So last week I got a note using a hotel booking for your Friday night. After work I headed into town, picked up my bag and rushed house. The sex is consistently good, After I got there I was flushed and eager and Frank constantly has little surprises for me. I gave my name at the desk and they gave me a secret, I got from the lift expectant that any time Frank was about to leap out and then ravish me. I got to the room and in and it was empty. Wait, put on the bed and I made a decision to put on the sexy little outfit I'd bought. The door shut. I felt my heart pumping in my chest and my pussy twitch. Footsteps were heard by me. TWO SETS! I seemed to see Frank and another man (I found out later his name is Nick) coming towards me, grinning. Wow, I went to have a threesome! Since I realised what's about to happen my pussy juiced up. Frank was holding me, kissing my face and throat before I knew it Nick likewise kissed my mouth and massaging my entire body. I was in ecstacy. I was dripping right now just a large, stiff penis in me. The boys had me bent over which makes me sucking on Nick's cock whilst his eased into my love hole that is sticky. Next thing they'd turned me and nudged my ring Frank mate had pushed his chunk between my bum cheeks eased on in because I slurped on my juices away Frank meat. I felt like such a dirty little slut, but I was loving it. Because you can imagine we fucked in all positions and that I have DP'd, I taste my ass and several times on the guys' pricks and get covered from head to toe into their hot, gooey cum!

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