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Date: September 24, 2018

Penelope Reed is greeted by Quinn Wilde, Masseuse Quinn Wilde, as she waits for Penelope to arrive. Penelope reveals that she's waiting for her friend. Quinn asked Penelope if she was talking about Emily. Penelope laughed and said yes. Quinn tells Penelope that Quinn's friend left her 10 minutes ago with a man, which is a bit annoying. Quinn questions Penelope if she would like a massage, since Quinn has no time. She suggests she go to the house as the masseuse is too irritable. Penelope accepts Quinn's offer and goes with Quinn to the massage room. Quinn tells Penelope that they should get started. Penelope hesitates, but Quinn tells her that it's important to undress so she can apply the oils. Penelope takes off her clothes and lies down on the massage table. Quinn then asks Penelope if she has any problems with her back or arms. Quinn begins to work Penelope's shoulders, and then moves on to her back. Quinn informs Penelope that Penelope appears to have a lot tension in her lower back. Her work ethic is great and she can get very close to her genitals. Penelope questions her about what she's doing. She says that there are many knots in the area and is just working on them. Quinn massages Penelope's legs, then she asks Penelope to lie down. Penelope begins to feel squirm when Quinn oil her tits. Quinn says that she is okay. Quinn massages Penelope's tits again and Penelope cannot deny the feeling it gives her. Quinn then asks Penelope to work on her lower body. Quinn then massages PenelopeAs lower half. Penelope is delighted and writhes in delight, encouraging Quinn to keep going. Quinn is a professional, but she can't help Penelope relax. As they passionately kiss and share their bodies, their stomachs churn as they eat one another out in blissful, blissful love. Quinn, who is shivering and gasping for breath, admits sheAAs glad PenelopeAs friend has left her. PenelopeAAs now all hers.

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