Pradah G

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Date: October 16, 2009

Two associates of Rod this Cumbang Crew along with Joey, came. She was in a heated argument with her piece of shit boyfriend plus they must witness a black womans wrath. They dropped the bombshell that they were part of a company that specializes in black girls getting 23, once they calmed her down. She had a smile from ear to ear as you could hear the wheels in her head turning. We obtained her whored out and prepared to go down the"Cracker Line. "Her fists were stripping white dick as her mouth handed a distinctive saliva coating to the following. You could feel that she was and forgot all about penis that is colored a complete period redneck dick milker. Our mnetting wouldnt be full with no black snatch getting stretched to welcome from her new pals. As the black guy states,"The bitch took all!" She couldnt wait to utilize her face as a platter for of the white jizz she was going to get.

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