Nicoline Brown Eyes A wicked double fuckening!

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Category: Threesome


Date: February 09, 2012

On today's Hands on Hardcore set we have our man Frank M. returning from a tour trip along with his two Russian girlfriends Grace and Nicoline. The 2 babes are newcomers into Budapest and what better way to split them in to the city then to take them with a pro onto a first hand tour of the porn business. Your honeys getting the complete rundown of sensual pleasures they can anticipate enjoying in future productions! We foresee them being regulars following this performance!It all starts with some cheek flirting and kissing complete tilt to dual standing within moments! The girls can't get sufficient Frank penis and then fulfill their mouths hungry mongrels, either taking turns licking at on the stem straight down to the nut sack or sucking on the trick. Nicoline pops a condom on the top with Grace squats along with her skillful mouth on her decoration for a good pounding. From here on out it is a medley of both pussy and ass fucking with both girls taking turns, licking ass, giving each other the shocker ( That is just two in the pink and one in the stink, but you knew that right? ) ATM'ing, like there is no tomorrow, also riding dick. At one point Frank has got Grace doggy style on the edge of the mattress while she shocks Nicolines two holes that are slipping her his salami. It's some rockin cowgirl with Nicoline suckin Franks chestnuts down. People that this show belongs on non-stop! The women get the complete kit and caboodle out of Frank, and you get a front row seat!

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