Miki Bedroom Hi Guys Im Miki, a dark haired sex

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Date: January 27, 2006

Hi Guys I'm Miki, a dark haired body from Russia and this is my girlfriend Cherry. You might of seen both buddies Kristine and Lola, well they came straight home and just could not quit talking about Prague and what a great time that they had so we needed to cum down and examine it on our selves. Kristine gave this guy named George's phone number to , she said he was fine so which would only mean one thing, and was a really good fuck, Lola smiled. We hooked up and he showed us around we moved right back to where we stayed and we showed us more on the map. The girls were right that he had been good and fine looking also, I don't understand about Cherry but I kept thinking all day about just how good they, well Kristine stated he fucked and my puss desires his cock. George kissed his way up he leaned over my arm then began kissing me on my lips and kissed Cherry then kissed my arm and then started rubbing my tits as Cherry and I began to kiss. He raised up my top and started kissing and rubbing my leg , george chucked this pillow to the side and began sucking my tits and my nipples were quickly on the upswing. I put down and Cherry lifted my shirt and also then gave my nipple a lick and suck George reached down and then took my top off and started rubbing my pussy up and down again. He pulled my panties to the side and began licking me up and down and I kissed and she caressed my body all over. Cherry started licking on my tit and his finger slipped into my pussy fingering and licking me both, they had my entire body. George slid his fingers from my twat and stuck in Cherry's mouth to get a suck then he slid them right back in my own puss like it was there new residence, Cherry leaned down and began sucking my breast and then kissing me George kept slipping his fingers out of my horny pink pussy. He slipped my underwear off and we started kissing as Cherry reached down and started rubbing against on against my nude twat then she rubbed my puss from the inside out and slipped her finger inside. She unfastened her pants and began licking my tits as George rubbed my twat hard and quick. Cherry took her trousers off and George spread my thighs and gave my pussy a lick he went and took Cherry's panties off and started licking her pussy in the ground upward and that I licked and sucked her tits and perky nipples. George started fingering her hole and I kissed I started sucking as George fingered her hole fast and hard. George removed his pants then stumbled on the mattress, I grabbed his cock and stuck it straight in my mouth, then Cherry came over and we licked and squeezed his prick and balls back and forth and George pumps his cock out and I of ours mouths. George laid back and Cherry plus I got on every side to Doggy licking and sucking on his meaty bone down and up. He reached over and began rubbing and started rubbing against my cunt and squeezing my ass then reached up from down below and I continued licking and slobbering his prick up from tandem and one at one time. George pulled me with me facing away then slid his cock. I began bouncing up and down forcing his penis deep because Cherry sat and went on his head, I glanced back and she leaned forwards we began kissing. George tongued Cherry pink spot and I slid up and down his penis while both Cherry and I played with our tits. George and I got up and he put Cherry in Classic Dog he spit in her ass gave her puss a kiss and then slid his cock in her hole from behind. Cherry gained back and began rubbing her clit because George fucked her pussy difficult then I put in front of her licking licking her twat because George kept fucking her cunt with every thing that he had, Kristine and Lola were right this man is quite a fuck. George stood on the bed and I slipped his cock right in my mouth that it was hot and sweet just cumming from Cherry's twat, she came over and I gave it to her for a taste and I licked his ballsthen back and forth we proceeded licking, sucking, and stroking him up and down as nasty as we both could. George and I laid down with him right behind he slipped his glossy throbbing cock in my pussy for another round, fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit up and down, then I started rubbing and playing with my tits as Cherry laid between George's legs licking his balls from underneath. George pulled his hard slippery cock from my moist pussy and stuck it right into Cherry's mouth to suck then he stuffed it back in my own cunt fucking me harder and quicker than before and Cherry resumes to licking his balls. Cherry started sucking him off and his penis slid from my twat and then he started rubbing our clits. Cherry lowered itself down on his long shaft began bouncing up and down before leaning back and letting him take control and got on top of George. I leaned down, I was on my knees licking on her clit and started sucking on her breast and nipples and we kissed. George slid his throbbing cock from her pussy and I stuck it my mouth for a taste and rinse afterward I stuck his penis back in her cunt to get a quick dip then in my mouth it went again. His penis slid from the tight buttocks of Cherry, I started rubbing her clit as she slowly bounced up and down forcing this up on her 37, and licking her twat. I slurped onto George hard cock directly from the buttocks of Cherry, sucked, and licked, George began licking at her ass hole all around and disperse Cherry's ass wide open. Cherry reached back catching his hard cock and then stuck it back inside her bum and I rebounds, and played with her tits and nipples. I sat back with my legs spread open horrible George began rubbing my sexy wet cunt and I rubbed on Cherry's tits and pussy. Cherry kept bouncing up and down George's hard cock licking on her fingers and massaging her clit. George pulled his prick from the butt of Cherry and stuck it in my mouth, I bobbed my head up and down then came around and then we shared the job. George placed me and got up Westminster pose he went up and up and slid his thick penis in my bum. Cherry started licking my twat and rubbing it up and down eagerly awaiting her chance to suck on his cock and laid down . In my ass his penis went back from her mouth into my cunt but using a rinse inside her mouth back and on he moved sticking his penis into ass pussy , and mouth as he pleased. George pulled his cock out of my ass and introduced it to me for a preference, he should have gotten the feeling that I was beginning to feel left out. Cherry came round and joined me and we sucked him off from top to bottom, as it was my turn to 37, suck and I moved down to lick on his balls but came back up. Cherry laid down and George spread her legs wide then slid his cock in her pussy and began fucking her really hard. I got on my knees and started kissing Cherry and playing with her tits, I Deep throated George's big cock the best I could then slid it back into Cherry's pussy and he picked up right where he left off, fucking her cunt like she had done anything wrong. He starts fingering both then spits and rubs it all around fingers her ass hole. He stuffed his penis back for a second go around as I waited to get my ATM and licked her clit that was joyful. George laid down behind Cherry and raised her leg shoved his cock fucking her hard as I rubbed her clit and played with her tits. George pulled his cock out of her cunt then pushed it straight back over and over again like it was a kind of match then he stuck it in my mouth before heading back inside her pussy at which it all began, fucking her cunt as I rubbed her clit. George pulled his throbbing cock out of Cherry's wet twitching twat and shot his load off over her twat, I slipped his cock before Cherry in my mouth for a last suck and I kissed. Cherry and I equaling his cum all around then licked and sucked our nasty fingers clean.

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