Madison in CockSucking He's no match for My Legs

Tags: Cocksucking   Flipflops   Burping   Joi Jumping   Encouraged   Stockings   Breastplay   Food   Feminization   Pubichair   Uniforms   Kicking   Scissorholds   Sissy Skinny   Lactating   Pussyworship   Vore   Sounds   Ballbusting   Shoeworship   Asian   Facekicking   Breathplay

Category: Strapon


Date: November 20, 2020

As she sits by the pool's steps, Madison Stone is stunning! You might not notice at first that her foot is on the slave's head as she holds him below water. The slave screams for air and rises when she finally gives up. He is ordered to lie between her legs, but she quickly reminds him that he must turn around to avoid his slave's mouth getting too close to her pussy. It's now time for her to exert her power on his neck. Miss Madison is an avid runner and it's a crushing experience to have her legs between her thighs. He tells her, "AEURoeI donaEUR[tm]t need your lips on my pussy." As he kicks, you can see her legs wrapping around his neck. After all of the fighting has ended, she lets go and pushes the slave under the water using her feet. After a few seconds, the unconscious slave emerges from the water and gasps for breath. She wraps her legs around the body and it doesn't take too long before the slave goes limp. She pushes the slave under again. He comes back up and she tells him, "AEURoeYou're always under water." Do you find that frightening?aEUR M, the slave tells him so. Are you ready to do it? The slave is again ordered to stand between Miss MadisonaEUR(tm), whose powerful legs look amazing when they are flexed. She then tells him to fight. He kicks, tries to get free but Miss MadisonaEURTM's legs are too strong for him and soon he is under water again. He resurfaces and she asks him to kiss her feet. HeaEUR (tm), when heaEUR)(tm), resurfaces on his topside. Although the slave appears exhausted, Miss Madison is not compassionate and clearly enjoys his current state. When he comes out, Miss Madison stands up on his head and gets him under. Ruthless!

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