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Date: April 28, 2017

My name is Kleio Valentien. I am tired and hungry. I feel alone. I made a mistake. To be precise, I made several mistakes. Just wanted to have a comfortable bed for the night. My plan was to shower and then raid my fridge before falling asleep. London River was not my intention. I was so kind to be allowed into her house and she shared all the details about the area with me. She would have been tied up. She would have been kept alive and protected. When I was ready, I would have released her. All went horribly. It was not my intention to cause her pain. I didn't mean to do it. She is really at fault. She leaned at me. It was her fault! She should have quit. She said that her husband would not be at home for one week, so I had to walk away. It was just a night. Only one night in their fluffy, soft bed. He returned home the next day. His name is OT. London was where he found me. I was in the shower when he found me and wasn't happy about it. After what I did his wife, I don't think he can blame me. The big, fluffy bed was the perfect place to get some sleep. This was my last night of good sleep. He's been with me for so many days that I have lost count. He keeps me tied up. When he lets me sleep, he keeps his pillowcase on my head. I'm not treated well by him. He is cruel to me. It's unfair that he hurts me. London suffered a terrible accident because of what I did. What will it take for him to make me pay the price?

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