Khloe in Public Nudity A Sporty Introduction

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Date: May 12, 2017

Although she is tall, this blonde beauty has an older look than her age. SheA is also an avid fitness fan and has participated in many high school varsity athletics. We see her jogging along a wet morning. She then introduces herself and shows us her breasts. But she continues her daring ways and does cartwheels, back bends, and other crazy things in public. We return home to see her in her cute bra and panties. She is beautiful with her lovely eyes as she brushes her hair. The hairbrush handle is used by her as a masturbator, and she ends up using it for sex! As she finger herself, we also see her intimate parts. You can see the oily residue on her hairbrush handle that she suckers off. After taking off her clothes, she masturbates using the Magic Wand. She ends up having many orgasms as well as squirting! SheA is then outside on another golf course wearing only a transparent top and pants... and posing with a motorbike and sports car. Spreading her clit and showing off her prominent features, she then masturbates inside the car in a long, dildo while it rains outside. SheA is now naked and parades around the course, while men stare. SheA returns home with her vibrator and continues to have more fun. SheA then gets introduced the Vibraking Toy... which makes her wetter as it also causes her to squirt! After tasting her wetness, she touches it and then is pushed to the limits by being introduced to FTV Monster Toy! SheA can only take about a quarter of an inch of it. But with the Vibraking Toy it is much more comfortable... the toy goes deeper! SheA has a full and firm stomach and knows how to dance, so she performs a choreographed routine in a blue dress and wedges. Then she gets naked again to move her butt. We then focus on her butt and enjoy giving her breasts a hard massage. As she pulls and stretches her long labia, we then focus on her intimate parts. She then attempts to gape. Khloe puts on some sexy shoes and wears nothing but her heels, giving a complete blowjob to the banana. Then she fucks with herself! Khloe tries several positions of fucking the banana before finally going for something bigger, which is a large cucumber. It goes as far as it will go and she then rubs it on her body, enjoying every moment.

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