Kelly Wells Petite Kelly Wells 2's Second Appearance

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Category: Penetration


Date: August 14, 2006

Kelly did a spectacle for us before, and shown that she's one incredibly slutty, full blown whore. Therefore this was a no brainer to bring her back for a return engagement. She begins massaging against her pussy, and she's 3 hands in and is jamming them out as quickly as she can, as she is being interviewed prior to the scene. She needs some fat black cock thats what she keeps telling us she's fingers herself to orgasm. She awakens onto it and begins gnawing such as shes possessed, in strikes the one with his flagpole standing right out, and like a werewolf! The inhuman sounds which come out of her throat make you believe that you're seeing a horror film rather than a movie! Man WILD black penis beast! I guarantee you that you haven't seen anything as depraved like this! Ensure you might find the law at the door, or you turn down the volume before watching this movie, this sounds really damned intense! She has 2 pythons in her head, and that she just goes batshit crazy pushing them in her mouth and gnawing in their balls! Between all the gasping for air, choking, gagging, and growling, I started to worry that she consume it and would bite off one! In whips out a third sufferer with this crazed beast, and comes another brave brother! She get fucked like an animal whilst jawing on the other 2 and they clobber her encounter with their black clubs to try to subdue her. One goes right for her asshole and then plunders her passage. It seems as if it is possible to park a vehicle in there, If he pulls it out to get a shot that is gape, and they take turns fucking her mouth and her back . There's only 1 place to choose this, and that is a DP with two cattle prods jamming her two crotch openings, and the pushed down her neck. The intensity just continues to build, and you also realize there needs to be some cumeating to follow this insanity that is sensual! This scene is not so be forewarned, this video needs a warning from the surgeon general!

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