Jasmine Mendez Latina Jasmine Owns Your Dick

Tags: No Boys   Angel Kiss

Category: Domination

From: Femdomempire.com

Date: June 02, 2016

Mistress Jasmine Mendez appreciates the power her body gives her more than guys, especially their dicks. Only looking at her enormous tits and round ass is enough to make any man want to jerk on his dick. Jasmine is a surprise for you she wants you to stroke your dick. She jerks herself to it to receive it difficult before ordering one to masturbate for her and reaches out. But she tells you that the bad news - as the owner of your dick, she wants you to aim it directly into your mouth as you hit it, and you should swallow every drop when you cum. As she counts down from ten, Jasmine yells at how pathetic you're, telling you to fill your whole mouth with cum and then to gargle it only for her amusement.

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