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Date: September 05, 2005

Hey there guys, a blonde from Prague, I ’ m Margaret. Last week, my boyfriend left me all alone, with nothing to eat, what I mean to say ishe left me without a cock to fuck or suck on. Can you think he took the batteries out of my vibrator. I fingered my sexy cunt the very best I could, I slid my energizerless vibrator in my pink hole. I left myself cum 4 or great times but it really wasn ’ t the same. Little does he know, when he gets back I’will break up with him, but I’m definitely going to make certain that he fucks me quite tough before I do.I was already on the bed rubbing my tits and puss, he came as I slid my hand in my underwear. He begins filling my tits up and kissing me. He started licking my tits, flicking his tongue around my nipples and pulled my shirt . I rolled on my side, he spread my butt cheeks and put his tongue. I put on my back and started massaging against my twat as he squeezed and sucked my swelling clit. He licked my cunt up and down as I squeezed and played with my tits. I sat up and started licking his penis through his pants, but he pushed me in favour of licking fingering my sweet juicy puss. I was hungry for his cock, therefore I took hold and hit out, licking, stroking, and sucking on it as dreadful as I could. I slid his hard cock and then he moved back to eating my snatch. He slid his thick cock for a dip and pried himself from licking my juicy puss. He slid his cock to get the off of my panties along with a lick. He began fucking me , stuffed his cock back in my pussy and lifted my leg. I started rubbing my cunt and rolled onto my side , his cock slipped upward in me and began fucking me harder. Because he kept pounding away at my pussy, he put my moist panties. I pulled his glossy throbbing cock from my puss and that I quickly wrapped my lips around and started sucking him off, I could taste my pussy around his prick. He spread my legs and started licking my twat, sucking on my clit as I continued slobbering his long hard cock. He flipped me over with my ass and began licking on my cunt up and down and rubbing. He slid his big hard cock back in my puss and began fucking me hard and I like it. He got a fist full of my hair and reached out, he began pulling and yanking, he was becoming a bad boy. However, his cock was sliding in and out of my puss, I wouldn’t dream of telling him to stop. He began working with my asshole with his finger, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he stuffed his prick inside. He extended before pulling out to present my cunt a good tag, my asshole open genuine good. He then pushed his cock that was throbbing back in my ass. He slipped his cock from my ass just long enough for me to lay back on his side, I was laid behind by him and stuffed his penis back into my ass, as though I'd done anything wrong, he started fucking me. I removed his cock from my ass, I got on top along with my ass facing him and he shoved his cock back . As he has never achieved before, with fast long hard strokes, he began fucking my ass. His big cock slid from my ass that was small, I started sucking him off and slid it into my mouth. I started stroking him up and down and wrapped my hands around his penis, he started massaging my sloppy cunt hard and fast. Because he chose to play with my pussy, I spun around slipping back his cock into my mouth. I believed him stick up a finger in another man in my cunt and my bum. Before he lapped and slurping in my moist pussy, I needed to tighten my cunt, though not I was going to cum. He pushed his hard cock back I rolled over on my side and then he began hitting it and I suggest hitting it good. He drove his cock deep in my ass, that he was hitting on butt that I didn’t even know I'd had. He pulled on his cock out of my ass and shot a load of jizz in my mouth and onto my head. I slid his cock into my mouth and ended sucking him off I then rubbed it in his cum on my face. I slid his cock back into my mouth not wanting to miss a drop I then fingered the cum in my lips and then rubbed on cum over my tits and it felt just like hot cream. As I licked and sucked my cum I started to get a change of heart. Ultimately he fucked my ass, although he pissed me off leaving me the way he did. I believe I’ll give him one more chance.

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