Gabriella Paltrova in master Disorderly Anal Slaves Disciplined Theupperfloor.com

Tags: Master   Crop   Paddling   Vibrator   Humiliation   Bdsm   Corporal Punishment   Role Play   Drool   Female Slave   Cbt   Rope Bondage

Category: Domination

From: theupperfloor

Date: April 24, 2015

The House hosts a Sunday Brunch that is beautiful and filled with some of the most sexy local BDSM musicians. Darling and Gabriella, senior house servants, should ensure impeccable service. They will only be able to manage Sydney Cole, a 19-year-old all natural, and then serve strawberries and blow jobs. The orderly celebration of the StewardA is quickly destroyed. Gabriella canA't stop smirking with a hard cock in her mouth, the new girls squeaks like a mouse when she cums, and Darling keeps losing the butt plug out of her slutty ass while serving strawberries.Embarrassed by this display of inept delegation and grace, the Steward seizes GabriellaA's collar and placed her in heavy chains as the Drool Slave. Her mouth is to be used for punishment, lubricating DarlingAs stomach. Darling also lost her collar and is now being used as an ally by GabriellaA, who is now being stuffed in leather with dick. GabriellaA is stunned as she grabs a monster cock and apologizes. Darling attempts to make Sydney ready for sexual service with vibrators and crops. Guests get horny, creating a series of rousing BDSM scenes that include rope bondage and paddling. Darling and Gabriella then apologize for their mistakes and end the day by teaching Sydney the rules with a vibrator and crop.

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