Eating Ebony Joy and Agony of Her Human Floor Clubstiletto.com

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Category: Black

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: June 26, 2017

Miss Xi keeps her slave in darkness by keeping him covered in a towel on her trample flooring. He is alive and well, she asks as she walks in wearing black 6aEUR stilettoaEUR (tm)s HeaEUR (tm), she asks, "Isn't it fun being on the ground?" She then steps on his chest and doesnaEUR (tm), not really caring if heaEUR)s having fun. He suckles her heel, and she presses his heel into his chest. Then it's back to sucking. As she press into her slave's flesh, the slave moans. He will be locked in the cell for two more days, she threatens. He is forced to open his mouth, and she makes him spit into the floor. She rubs her sole on his spit, and if he doesn't like it she makes sure he licks that too. She then continues to suckle his heels, and grinds the sole of her shoe into his lips. It's possible to own a statement rug, but it is not easy for a floor to double as a shoe-cleaner. It really does get the girls talking. She giggles and tells him that he'll be setting out for all his future parties. He curses again, and she steps back on him. He squirms and she says, "AEURoeOn cold winter days he even comes in handy to be a bum warmter." She then smothers him with her arse as she removes her stilettos(tm), showing off her beautiful feet. He is usually the most happy when she makes a man feel miserable. While still sitting, she extends her legs to kick his feet. It is obvious that she has begun to feel sadistic and moves to stand on his feet and kick his balls. He is also groin-scarlettuced when she kneels. The slave is told that he can only play with his box, but it limits him to the tip of the cock. ItaEUR(tm),s he has to suck her toes, she says. He gets one more kick in the stomach.

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