Christian Wilde Domination Submissive Seth Santoro Suffers For Christian Wilde

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Date: December 07, 2017

Tied into Christian Wildes darkened dungeon's corner stands the muscly jump stud Seth Santoro, anticipating an intense punishment, sporting a series stockade and a jock-strap, hoping to please Christian with his suffering and show precisely how much he can take. With a bit-gag between his teeth along with a blindfold covering his eyes that he cannot see or talk increasing his awareness of pain. Christian starts by rubbing oil on Seths bulging muscles. He cuts Seths jock, by slapping it with his hands along with a 23, revealing his hard cock along with Seths dick. He asks Seth which muscle hes proud of and through he muffles chest, the answer. Right off Christian goes crazy hitting it difficult with all the crop, pinching and biting his nipples, then sucks his cock as a small reward. Christian orders Seth for on his hands and knees and then unties the rope. Quickly Seth obeys and drops into the ground as he is kicked by Christian in all directions with his leather boots crawling aimlessly. Enjoy a hunter makes Seth lick another boot clean christian puts his leather boot back. He gets to Christians and licks all the way big hard cock and licks on as if he were starving for it. Seth is nude and bound on his knees. Religious wastes no time also catches the flogger and administers a brutal session of flogging on chest Seths trunk, and belly. Christian staples the strings into the floor and applies clothespins with strings attached to these to Seths skin, starting from his torso and moving all the way round. Looking happy, Christian walks around Seth kicking off on the clothespins with his boots. He pushes his huge meaty cock and bends Seth repeatedly. Until he sends cum flying blowing off a load around Seths 21, he pounds Seths ass hard and deep.

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