Chocolate and toes!

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Date: January 04, 2006

What's up guys, Did you miss me? Well you know that I wouldn't be off to longterm. Now that Xmas is over and New Years we, it feels great to spend time. The evening with Aneta was so Hot, I can't remember the last time that I had so much fun with just one. We had phone sex she called me last night and we chose later in the week, but it's me, myself and that know who. I began rubbing against my body all over I was needing some TLC and got on my mattress on my knees and no body knows my body . I leaned getting along with my tight butt pointed upwards towards north rubbing against my ass and pussy up and down and all around getting back in my knees touching and rubbing my body all over. I reached up opening my shirt from above then slipped my hand in my panties and rubbed against my sexy twat. I put down pulling my underwear and began rubbing my puss from the bottom up. I then ran my finger up and down and spread my twat my pink started pushing down hard on my swelling clit that was quick. I took my panties off and proceeded playing with my nipples and breast and then petting my happy puss prior to taking my shirt off. I started sucking and licking it before rubbing it on my nipples that were rising and reached over grabbing one of my Dildos. I rubbed the dildo over the exterior of my grab slowly pushing it inside then sliding it in and out deeper and deeper with every stroke prior to giving it a suck and sticking it back . Like I fucked myself hard and quick, I rolled over onto my side and slid the dildo in my pussy from behind, which makes it feel as though someone else was there doing the deed. I received into Doggy with the dildo in my pussy, my cunt was secured like a puppy with the birthday bone of it about its toy. I took a hold of the dildo and started sliding it in and out of my puss from above as I toyed and rubbed my clit that was happy from underneath. I then rolled back over onto my back thrusting my hips upwards and started sliding the dildo in and outside. My pussy was warmer than ever and my wetness had the dildo sliding in and out with ease, I fucked myself good before pulling out the dildo sucking and licking from the bottom the sweetness from my cunt. I slid the dildo back in my hot moist hole sliding it in and out as though I hadn't ever stopped, playing with my tits and teasing my nipples as I fucked my pussy giving me a well deserved nut. I rubbed my all over and slid the dildo out of my hole rubbing up and down the side of my puss an d then I sucked down it before playing on my tits and nipples and slid it up. That was really good and all but that's just an appetizer to what's cumming up Aneta and I are getting together and that's going to be something special that I can tell.

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