Cherry Torn Slapping The Training of Cherry Torn, Day Two

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Date: December 12, 2008

Trainer's ReportSubject Id: 178Session Id: 5363GoalsSquat and recite the Aims:PainRules1 and Identity.

Sir, thank you Sir.2. Control anxious laughter3. Orgasm ONLY when. Head and eye alignmentConduct Rating: +3 DemeritsHow Into Punishsubject understands that the implement is significantly less significant than the intent.canehumiliating confront slappingmade to endure in large heelsHow To RewardHoods, Breath-play, OrgasmsFearszippers, clips, clampsTrainer's GambitThe first thing is to pay her debt.She cancels us for her demerit.Offer a gambit: 5 effective minutes w/ the whip in exchange to get 3 merits.Failure brings her a day of punishment.Core Partner In Illness ManagementThe Training Whip'Sir, please hurt me Sir. 'Identify Criterion For Licensed AssessmentSuccessful pain control is:Regular BreathingNo SweatingActively participating, PresentProgressively consider moreFailure is:Not actively engagedNon-responsivePsychological ElementsHypothesisOld associations of submission with a modest, poorer former self block current reaches slavehood, demonstrating as symptoms of reactance and frustration and resulting in a confusing internal struggle.Reactance:'a psychological reaction in direct contradiction to regulations or rules which threaten or eliminate specific behavioural freedoms. 'Is it possible that the choice to relinquish the jurisdiction of one can be considered a'behavior'? Psych AssessmentWho is she and what's she great? (awarded in her order, under duress)taking painsucking cockfuckingtaking orderscleaning up messto seem atenduringSuckingCannot keep hands off the cockAdequate technique, tight lipsMasturbationBound in debilitating positionOrdered into masturbateSuffers beautifullyFuckingShaved pussyTight and responsiveSlow into orgasmTakes a Difficult poundng wellHomeworkProprioception: definitionGayle Rubins: bioPaul Gebhard (1969)

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