Chastity A Total Princess

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Date: January 11, 2012

Ami is such an amazing Princess. When she's out with her slave, she won't walk or feel any pain. Although she wanted to take a hike, walking wasn't part of her plan. She demanded that her slave be carried. Her slave is ridden up and down hills on the trail by Ami until she feels exhausted and her breathing becomes very heavy. Ami points out a bench along the trail to her slave and tells him that she's tired after all the riding. However, she is not seated on the bench. While she is enjoying the view, she wants to lie on his chest. She decides to make some entertainment by using her slave while she's sitting on his chest. Ami giggles as she spits on him and bounces around vigorously on his chest, while he complains of pain. With all of her body weight, she really enjoys using and abusing her slave. You can also see some chest sitting in this shoulder riding video.

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