Cassidy Klein in Oil Making Her Assistant Watch

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Category: Natural Tits

From: allgirlmassage

Date: December 9, 2019

Jaye Summers is Dee Williams' personal assistant and knows that she works hard. Dee is a workaholic, even when sheA's waiting to receive a massage. Jaye believes sheA's about to have a break when Cassidy Klein arrives as DeeAs massage therapist. But Jaye is surprised when Dee offers Jaye to come along. Jaye follows DeeAs boss as she walks to her private bedroom. Jaye stares at Dee's sexy, racy underwear and is startled, but she tries her best to focus on the work. Dee is able to talk shop while she gets massaged. Jaye is more hot the more Dee mumbles while she massages, no matter how hard she tries to keep her focus. Jaye doesn't want to see her boss this way, but she can't help but think about Dee naked and oily. ? Dee realizes her assistant is a bit... disoriented. Jaye asks Dee if Jaye would like to give Cassidy a massage. Jaye agrees. Jaye quickly takes off and begins to rub her hands on DeeA's skin, following CassidyAs instructions. Jaye and Cassidy enjoy a sensual massage that leads to more sensual sex. Jaye let loose all tension she didn't know she had as she sex DeeA with her tongue. As all three ladies climb over one another, the heat only gets more intense!

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