Bobbi Starr Role Play Training Report, Day Three of Four

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Category: Domination

From: Thetrainingofo.com

Date: June 22, 2007

Training ReportProgress Review: The previous two weeks of instruction show that our trainee is concise and timely in her homework missions, providing recitations while that is good under the whip. She seems ready to push her perceived limits and displays courage and a true determination to satisfy.Goals Progress:Pussy stretching: Starting to accommodate large objects, producing quite real and outspoken orgasms with the help of the magic wand.Verbal skills: Dirty discussion is proving quite challenging for our trainee. Stiffer motivation is required.Claustrophobia: Progress is tenuous. The canvas sack of the day was very challenging and the penis sucking was cut short. Trainee requires more work in a hood.Pain processing: Increased together with increased ability to eroticize the training experience.Recommendations: Predicament bondage onto the vibrating bamboo pony. Blindfold her, gag her gang up on her with Mr. Stone, flogging her because her pussy is vibrated and grill her on past homework assignments. Work to Adopt the cornerstones of erotic servitude.Switch into a tight suspension tie and turn Evan Stone loose to fuck her silly. Apply a whipping to illicit filthy talk from her, make her beg for this. In a second suspension, present her mouth and pussy. Fuck and blindfold her mercilessly at the two ends, continually shifting endings to overwhelm her cock. Leaving her dangling in ropes and covered with come until she's prepared to accept her reward - a well stretched pussy and screaming orgasms which leave her thankfully well used.Hood coaching: keep working on her irrational fear of hoods with 2 minutes in a leather hood. Be ready for a challenging scene.

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