Bellatrix in JOI Jumping Leather Boot Licker Clubstiletto.com

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Category: Leather

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: March 14, 2019

As Lady Bellatrix, a leather-clad lady, asks you to kneel before her and start to lick her boots. You have to beg first. Her feminine charms are a delight to her slaves. After you are satisfied you want to try her boots, she will ask you to start by gently licking the tips and then slowly trace your tongue all the way up to the top. This makes it so easy to follow the instructions and enjoy the leather's scent. Bellatrix asks you to place the heel in your mouth and close your eyes. Then, move on to the next boot. You will slowly lick the leather up while gazing at her fishnet-clad legs. Your Mistress will be pleased to give you all tasks, especially those which allow you to get so close.

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