Bella Rossi in Sub Office Catfight, Employee Fucks Boss's Ass

Tags: Sub   Strap On   Lesbian   Straight

Category: Strapon

From: kink_submissivex

Date: December 17, 2018

Bella Rossi and Ariel X have worked together for a while. Ariel attempts to force Bella Rossi to work late on holidays, and they have been constantly arguing. Ariel's first slap on the face ignites their passion and it's all over. They transform into balls of hair, ripping clothes with an Office Catfight. Belly punches each other till their abs hurt, they slap one another until they turn red and rip off each other's clothes until they're nude. Bella Rossi finally takes down her boss and gets Ariel X tied up. After putting Ariel X down during a Catfight Bella Rossi then gets Ariel X tied up. She then gets her to her will. A strap-on fucking with the pussy, while Ariel is tied in Bondage. Ariel is tied up, and cannot fight BellaA's Lesbianism. Bella takes a bite out of her bossA and then fucks with her hard. Bella then tells Ariel her horrible lesbian activities to be streamed live from her webcam all along. Ariel is mortified, but it is not over. Bella Rossi just beat ArielAC/a!a!a?c/s and tied her up. Then, she flips Ariel and makes her fuck her deep, while then she spanks ArielAA's Tushy to brighten her red. Bella sits on ArielA and forces her to lick her pussy. This is just to make Ariel feel embarrassed and turn against Bella. Bella makes sure her boss is tangled up for the whole extra-long holiday weekend.

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