Ariel X in Face Sitting Prostitute Suffers to Her Electro Pimp Wiredpussy.com

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Date: February 1, 2012

Consultants would describe Aiden Starr as an "enlightened manger". Her feedback to employees is positive and empowers them to achieve their goals. She also gives her employees the freedom to thrive. And Aiden Starr is a professional in the field she chose. But pimping prostitutes isn't an easy job. Even though Birkenstock-wearing feminists think they are different from pimps with penis and pimps with a penis, any pimp who has a vagina understands that her business purpose is to make money. Aiden doesn't make political statements. Ariel X won't pay Aiden the fees owed. The petite blonde is unable to contact HR or mediate. Aiden digs in, unleashes her pimp side and raises her FemDom dial from 11 to 12. Aiden teaches Ariel the lessons and makes her swear she will never do it again. Aiden has a lot of electrosex toys and makes sure that she pays her fee in Ariel's sex. Aiden is smarter than she's a manager so she knows she cannot delegate this task. Aiden knows that it is her job to teach Aiden, with the aid of lots of electro BDSM, and some lesbian bondage. Aiden, despite Ariel insisting that she never backed down on her pimps, knows that repetition is the most effective way to learn lessons.

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